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Top 6 Proven ways – how to earn money from website

Top 6 ways – how to earn money from website 

How to earn money from website ? Every day our eye goes to dozens of articles about how to earn money online or top ways to make money on the internet.  oh, is really works? Of course, it works. There are many methods to work online and make money from the internet. Here I am going to share about top 6 proven ways to making money online.

how-to-earn-money-online--e1452066951723 Top 6 Proven ways - how to earn money from website

How to earn money from website

1. Start selling products/services online.


This is one of the best methods to earn online doing own things and making a profit by it.You can work part time or full time according to your choice. You need a website where you can sell your products/services. If you don’t have a website, you can start selling via Facebook page and from Google Plus also. WhatsApp also being very popular for chatting and sharing. So you can use WhatsApp for promoting your products.

If you are good at tutoring or writing on a specific subject, write an e- book and start selling on your website. Even you can sell on top leading e-commerce sites such as Amazon, Ebay, etc. You can sell your unwanted things on second- hand.t Ebay is good for selling your unwanted things.

2. Affiliate marketing


Affiliate marketing is that market where you can sell things from other companies. This is the best option for them who doesn’t want to invest much. Affiliates Network companies sell their products and services that allow for you to promote their products/services and doing by that you will get a commission. For earning via AM you need to put the affiliate code or link to your website/blog. If someone buys products /services or click on your provided link, you will get a commission. You can get a percentage on the basis of including pay per sale, pay per click, and pay per lead.

There are many affiliate networks where you can join and earn a commission as a percentage, such as

Amazon, commission junction, click sense, Craigslist,  Ebay, and Etsy etc.

3. Data entry job-Captcha typing


This is another method to earn few bucks doing by a simple task. You need to register a legit site for it. There are many scams that you can see about data entry work. By doing this kind of work you can’t earn big money, but still, you can make money. This is best for somebody who has an internet and computer, but they have no other work and they want to earn some money. I had started to work my freelance job from by Captcha typing.

I have found these two sites are very genuine and they pay on time.

If you are thinking to earn by doing this kind of work, click on those above link and get registered and start to earn. Payment can withdraw by payza, Payoneer and web money.

4. Start freelance jobs


There are various ways to do freelance jobs online. If you have any skill with graphic designing, web page designing, programming, or you can write well this is one of the top methods to start job easily. You can offer any of those skills, or any kind of data entry job. You can join many sites which are providing work from home work to the freelancer.

Freelance is for all kinds of professions that can relate to Business, IT, Legal, Designing, Writing (content, legal, technical), Engineering etc.

There are various online sites where you can start your work some of below you can join.








5. Taking survey online


There are all kinds of sites are paying for doing survey or testing products, also by shopping. This is slow and less earning, you can’t become rich by doing this, but they are good to earn some extra pocket- money. Giving you some links where you can start taking surveys and start to earn.

My Survey





6. Become a web publisher /Blogging


No other great way to having your own website or blog For that Buy good Domain name start self-hosting and make a website/blog using WordPress platform. WordPress is SEO friendly and super easy to use. For earning by website/blog, you need to have good traffic on your site/blog.

You can earn by Advertising this is an old and popular method you can put an advertisement on your page/blog with a company like Google Ad sense or Some other good sites where you can start are Chhitika, Infolinks, Kontera etc.


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  1. bratcho rodriges

    making money online is a difficult task, luckily there are some useful sites that can generate money by doing some tasks
    For beginners I recommend:

    microworkers – small tasks for a few cents, everyone can participate, it’s easy and fast

    Swagbucks – earn money by taking surveys or playing mini games, I recommend

    PointsPrizes – site similar to swagbucks, paid by paypal and bitcoin, it is necessary to do tasks on it

    These are the ones I had the most success online,
    I also recommend this ebook that teaches you how to make money on facebook (step by step guide), with this method I earn about $ 20 a day, I’ll leave the download link for the ebook, it’s free

    A great forum for internet market is blackhatworld, you can get useful tips on it

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