Top 3 Free Online Scanner To Check Virus On The Website/Blog

Top 3 Free Online Scanner To Check Virus Of Website/Blog

Online scanner: Technically these days are simple to go to everything. And now we can create websites easy way of using with CMS (Open source code).The word “Open Source” is itself telling something to think about it.Its all the codes are can visible to the world.Making website is easy, but hard to manage its security part. We must be alert on the subject of Security.

So did you made your website recently? Or are you thinking to make your blog/website in coming days? Do you think to do online business?

If so, I want to tell you that website’s security part is should be your main concern.

We all know, how to scan and remove the virus from our Pc and we know that when and how it gets  on the Pc/laptop.

Probably, most of us are using antivirus software on Pc.

 We may be a just created beautiful website but not bothering to care about security parts and we giving a chance to hack our website to the hackers?

Let me tell you a little bit about the virus on the website/blog. The virus is a bunch of malicious codes, which code can insert on the website by the hackers. Where that code injected on the website using some tools/or methods. After they locate some unusual code on our website/blog then it shows it effects. When they insert some sort of code, they can use our sites for their wish.  Mostly targeting sites are ecommerce websites. They are possible to know costumer’s personal details. E-commerce sites are using for online shopping, they can hack banking details of clients, or transactions. Even, they can find out banking cards passwords etc.

If your website once hacked, Google and Bing will warn to the web readers by saying “this page is not safe to open”.

If you getting any kind of that warning please I suggest that do not open of that particular website. It can harm to your PC. And hackers can get your details from PC too.

But to how to check our website is secure enough or not?

Ok, Now go to the tool where we can know whether our website is safe or not. 


3 Free Tools “Online Scanner” to check virus on your web page/blog


  1. Sucuri Site Checker
  2. Quttera
  3. Google Safe Browsing

My first and most favorited free site checker tool is Securi Site Checker.

Go to this link and locate your web page/blog’s URL there.

tipstech1 Top 3 Free Online Scanner To Check Virus On The Website/Blog

After that click on Scan Website button. Your website will be scanned and it will show details on there like below.

tipstechut-scan Top 3 Free Online Scanner To Check Virus On The Website/Blog

And another trusted site for malware scan is Quttera.

quttera Top 3 Free Online Scanner To Check Virus On The Website/Blog

Procedure is same as above about sucuri site checker.

And, never forget this wonderful tool to find out whether website on Google black list or not. With Google Safe Brwoser

Third way to find about the site is safe or not is to go GoogleSafeBrwoser

google-safe-browising Top 3 Free Online Scanner To Check Virus On The Website/Blog

Click on that link and put your URL and Google will say it is safe or not.

I have checked on other’s sites too but they didn’t provide a good result. I saw they provided a false result.

From these 3 free tools that can get true and best results on the web.

IF you have any suggestions or knowledge please feel free to share your experience.

Happy blogging!

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