USB Dynamic Recording Microphone CAD U1-Review

CAD U1 USB Dynamic Recording Microphone

Do you think of USB dynamic recording Microphone? If so, here is my Review of this cheap mic which can buy on amazon. It is extremely simple microphone where you can use for your podcast over the internet.CAD U1 USB Dynamic Recording Microphone has a Cardioid pickup which makes it ideal for your vocals, voice-over or for a podcast. When you buy this microphone, you will get the microphone with built in 10 foot long USB Cable.

USB Dynamic Recording Microphone – Review 

The USB cable is pretty long enough. It also comes with the tabletop mic stand (Desktop Mic stand) which can be actually folded down and has a standard mic clip. The microphone body seems to be made of cast aluminum and it’s coated with rubberized materials. And it has a simple on- off switch on the front that allows you to turn off the mic and mute it temporally. The mic stand is quite surprisingly well-done and it’s extremely sturdy.

CAD audio USB u1 dynamic recording microphone

It’s very stable with your microphone on it and it allows to several microphone angles of recordings. On this microphone, CAD has done the wonderful job of providing very usable mic stand. You can also unscrew it for the table-top mic stand and mounted to any standard mic stand.

CAD has claimed to have a pop filter on the recording surface of the microphone and it seems to perform pretty well. You can use the external pop filter for the best audio quality, it minimizes “P-pooping”.

How do you set up a USB microphone?

The setting up is extremely easy and simple, all you have to do is plug into a USB port of your either laptop or PC. The computer will automatically recognize the microphone, without installing any drivers or software. Quite easy to go with this. You can go ahead and go start to recording. And it can be used for Windows And Macintosh.

I personally recommend using the Audacity Recording Software. This is completely free and very easy to use. But you can use any of your recording software what you like to use.

Is a USB microphone good for recording vocals?

Yes, absolutely !  I am using this microphone for my YT channel, using for my cover singing. So it is useful for both audio and video.

Providing my YouTube video link so you can see how it sounds with this recording. I am very happy with this cheap and simple microphone.
And, I suggest you put microphone about 6-7 inch (ca. -18 cm) far when recording. It is very sensitive what I felt when I was recording.

The Best cheap USB microphone- under $25

I am sure you will love this microphone with the price point of view, it is one of the cheap mic on the market. When I recorded with this mic, I found less noise and less any other interference.

I saw people have complained about some sort of electromagnetic interference in the wires and some people seem to be using ferrite cores to reduce that. I really don’t think you need a ferrite core. It might differ for you but I have tested and used this microphone from past few months and I never encounter the problem with any sort of electromagnetic interference in the sound quality it’s fantastic considering the price.

I think its main drawback of the CAD that you have no ability to monitor what you record live.

CAD U1 USB Dynamic Recording Microphone can buy under $25 on amazon,  we can’t expect to have such a high-level function on it.

USB Microphone For Laptop

I don’t say it’s a super microphone but for the point of view of price and it’s an extremely simple microphone to use pretty much plug –n- play. It produces very good audio quality and most important is that it comes in at an extremely competitive price and it is very useful for the people starting out YouTube making videos etc. Either doing vocals or even getting into podcasts. It’s very budget-friendly microphone that can be recorded with just plug n play on PC or Mac.

If you want this USB dynamic recording Microphone, BUY here.

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