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Nepal Telecom FNF (Friends and Family) Call Service In NTC 2019

How to subscribe FNF(Friends and family) Call service in Nepal Telecom(NTC) 2019

Nepal Telecom FNF (Friends and Family) call service has started in NEPAL for Nepal Telecom costumers between any NETWORK of GSM (PREPAID-POSTPAID) or CDMA users.

Only in 70 Paisa for GSM and  55 paisa to CDMA network,per minute call.

This is absolutely great news for those who love to hang on phone call for their dear and near once for a long time. It can be submitted maximum of 5 members on a group of Nepal Telecom’s Network.This is one of the best service, introduced by NTC for its users. These days, NTC is improved in many ways about for providing services to the costumer . Nepal telecom now seems to be costumer oriented.But in past, only NCell was one for giving best services in various ways.

Here, you can get to know how to subscribe for cheapest call using NTC mobile for talking long time.

Nepal Telecom FNF Friends and Family call service

To subscribe your mobile 

You need to Follow the steps here :

  • Go to your mobile message box and type

<FNFSUB*Number 1> and send it to 1415.

Friends-and-family-subscribe-1-2 Nepal Telecom FNF (Friends and Family) Call Service In NTC 2019

  • And then to add FNF member in your group: type

               <FNFADD*Number 2>

Add 1 number at a time.

Friends-and-family-add Nepal Telecom FNF (Friends and Family) Call Service In NTC 2019

We can add 5 number as FNF member.

To add other number repeat the above process.

To modify FNF member number:

You can remove your old member and replace it with the new ones.

type <FNFMOD*Old Number*New Number>

and send it to 1415

To DELETE FNF member number :


and send it to 1415

To INQUIRY FNF member number:

type<FNFINQ> and

send it to 1415.

Now most cheapest price for CDMA users @ 55 Paisa only. Before,it was 70 Paisa for 3 numbers at once. Now  CDMA costumer can also be added up to 5 numbers.

Nepal-telecom-data- Nepal Telecom FNF (Friends and Family) Call Service In NTC 2019

Note : you can subscribe in free of charge but charge can be added for checking inquiry.

2 thoughts on “Nepal Telecom FNF (Friends and Family) Call Service In NTC 2019”

  1. Aastha bajracharya

    I’m trying to add a number since few days but it instead replies with ‘Sorry for unhandled business’

    1. Thank you for the feedback, Aastha Ji.

      Nowadays cheap service providing by NTC due to COVID so subscribe to that. For that, you can dial *1415#

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