WhatsApp update: now free to use

WhatsApp Is Free To Use: No Need To Pay Fee

No Fee For WahtsApp : It is free Now

Whatsapp is the one of the top message exchanging app in the world.How many people are using whatsApp in the world? I wondered that One Billion users are I the world using this top most popular App to share their feelings on the smart phone. Many people use this App to chat with friends and family, even can share photo, audio and video.Last time, whatsAap had added a call service for its users.This is a very popular app for group chatting too.

Why it is so popular? It is fast, simple and user-friendly.My personal experience is good with this app. The audio feature of the call is also excellent.

Recently WhatsApp has dropped subscription fee from 99 cents to 69 cents. This is well recognized app, still you should pay for subscription isn’t it? What if we get it for free to use?

whatsApp-Free-to-use WhatsApp Is Free To Use: No Need To Pay Fee

WhatsApp is free to use now.

Here is the great news; the company has announced this week on Monday that WhatsApp is now free to use, without seeing an advert on this lovely app.

Earlier, we had to pay 99 cents fee after one year subscription. But from the beginning time it was free for the 12 months. But now it is free of charge forever.

Facebook Company bought this most used app last year, but the question is that how they will be earning that huge amount of subscription. WhatsApp founder,Jan Kaum, he said the money will come from something other ways. The company will introduce soon about tools where that to connect business and brands with consumer and by this way they will earn money. Company gave an example contacting banks for knowing fraudulent transactions and can ping to check whether airline flight delay or not.

WeChat a Chinese app already allowed to its user in a business way. Such as buying movie tickets and to book taxi within the app in china.

So guys now enjoy your popular app for free, without having adverts on the app.


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