How To Pass Gotranscript Test 2022 Learn Everything About

GoTranscript transcriber jobs are becoming popular these days and Gotranscript is one of the main choice of people. In this post, I will show all the details on how to pass gotranscript test?

So many offices have been closed due to pandemic, people are staying at home and, they are looking for work from home opportunities. 

Probably you have heard about transcribing, did you? If not let me tell you, it means a typing job that you type a text what you exactly heard or you should copy text by typing what the speaker says in speech.

 You can say it “a speech to text” stuffs.

Many are searching how to pass go transcript test all over the social media and in the internet.

  After reading this post, you will get the idea of all about the how do you pass the Gotranscript Guidelines test

No one tells you about in so much deep.

Why people are so much interested in being transcriber?  

And, most of the people are searching and keep trying to find work on many transcription sites. Recently searched queries on google are online works, work from home, make money from home, earn money online without investment, etc. 

So let’s get started to know about go transcript. or transcribing job at Gotranscript in details with step by step.

Is Gotranscript is Fake? 


Oh my gosh, is gotranscirpt is fake?

First, I want to tell you gotranscript site is genuine for transcribing work so of course, it is not a fake one.  You can trust it because of its popularity on the Internet.

You could think about how they pay which method they use? I don’t have PayPal what to do? 

Second, Don’t worry the company pays its payment via PayPal and Payoneer. So be worry-free for getting payment if you are from that country where PayPal isn’t available.

What Skills do you need to have work on the Gotranscript? 


To work with go transcript anyone with having a basic knowledge of computer skills, with a good command of English, can join this company from all over the world. 

For passing the grammar test and audio tests of any company, you must know the basic rules of grammars, and common sense for the research of kinds of stuff at Google, research at wiki sites.

For joining Gotranscript is easy but passing test is a bit tough for the beginner. So here you can get the basic idea to pass the gotranscript test.

Furthermore, you can make a habit to find out the song’s titles, movies name, countries’ names, or some basic knowledge where you can tackle the things in an easy manner.

In my experience, In many exams, they provide audio clips or speeches related to songs, movie stories, soupe operas shows, music shows, or concerts.


How do you pass the Gotranscript Guidelines test?



How To Pass the Gotranscirpt Test in 2021?


Let’s come to the point of how to pass gotranscript test 2020 ? Many people fail on the test part, so they are not able to work on the gotranscript.

I hope you have already registered for the site. If not, no problem, you can join too.  It’s a simple process like other websites. Click on the Sign Up button and give your email id and name. 

Read the guideline carefully first. There are two tests you must pass for getting work there. One is a test like a grammar test and the other is an audio test.

Grammar test contains 10 questions and you need to get a 100% score on this. All questions from the guideline only so read the go transcript guideline carefully.

How To Pass Gotranscript Test?

Steps By Steps Process


Step 1. First, go to the this link  it will open the site register account by clicking the signup button gotranscript as a transcriber.

Step 2. After that find out for transcriptionist tab below and click on work

Step 3. Now log into the gotranscript site 

Step 4. and click on the work button link

Step 5. After clicking again click on the apply button.

-Now, you will get the main page where you will give the exam

For the grammar test you need to pass 10 guidelines quizzes of go transcript. 

 Step 6. Choose the right answer from the options. 

Step 7. After that, you need to pass the second test that will for an audio test.

-You will get the audio for the typing, listen to it carefully, and pass the test. 


Let’s see the example below.

I have provided the latest answer as below, follow and review it, recheck it, and take the help from here.

Q1. I have_ and _ .

  1. One dollar, ten British pounds. 
  2. $1, £10
  3. One US dollar, 10 British pounds.  
  4. 1 Us dollar, ten British pounds.

Q2. If -there is a -name/surname -you -can’t make -out due to a -speaker’s manner of -speech, what are you supposed to do? 

3) I _a freelancer. 

  1.  am 
  2.  be 
  3. wore 
  4.  is 

Q4. If you- can’t -hear the -specific term, -you should: 

You need to tick right on answers see the below image for the right answers from the past examinations. 

GT-test-May-2 How To Pass Gotranscript Test 2022 Learn Everything About

gotranscirpt-test-answers-may-2020 How To Pass Gotranscript Test 2022 Learn Everything About

gt-answer-may-3 How To Pass Gotranscript Test 2022 Learn Everything About

What are the basic rules to apply while transcribing an audio file clean verbatim?

First of all, you need to listen to audio and type what you hear, after typing see the guideline, and do correction according to the guideline.

If guideline saying, you should type in clean verbatim, you need to type in that style only.

You should omit repetitions, shutters,  such as, umm, hmm, kind of, sort of, and don’t forget we shouldn’t correct the grammar.

Keep it mind we only type what the speaker says, we can’t do correction of the speech.

But if incase, the speaker mispronounces regarding place name etc, we should type the right word.

For instance, if the speaker said Mambai for Mumbai as it is wrong pronounced word, we should only write it as Mumbai not a Mambai. Or Italy, not an Etaly if a person said an Etaly by mispronouncing. Thus, we need to learn and understand countries name or cities name, so we can put a right word. 

How Do You Mark inaudible in Transcription?

Marking inaudible in any transcription is easy, follow the shortcut code, inaudible means if there is no sound on the audio, we should mark inaudible in the transcription.

 The only noise in the audio, no talking by the speaker, in that case, we also should mark as inaudible. 

 There is a difference with unintelligible that is simply we need to mark due to the speaker’s manner of talking, he or she said something.

But, we didn’t understand in that case we should mark [unintelligible] not inaudible

Now, you almost have learned 80% of the guidelines and passing the test of the transcriptionist as a transcriber.

Now see the below for the real audio text example: 

How Do I Pass the GoTranscript Audio Test?

After passing a grammar quizzes we need to give an exam for an audio test. We get the audio with a speech or lecture or simple talk, sometimes we get multiple speakers and sometimes only one single speaker.

However, passing the audio test of GoTranscript you need to have a good command of English skills and a good understanding of verbatim, grammar, punctuation, and general sentence structure and general rules of English spellings.

Moreover, with GT we need to provide US English spellings, so you need to have good knowledge and should find out the difference between UK English and US English spellings rules and tone.

In Go transcript, there are two types of formatting for verbatim, such as clean verbatim and full verbatim. And what style is asking for the test is it with time-stamping or without timestamp? 

Most importantly, we should type what we heard or what the speaker says. To be a grammar correct is the right but when we working and typing transcribe jobs at GT we can’t change the grammar.

If the speaker saying it with mistake, This answers are true….but These should be grammatically right here isn’t it? but we can’t change it. I hope you understood it now.

In Conclusion, you need to follow the guidelines and style guide of the transcript.

You can get a link for the help of gotranscript guideline


Now let’s move to the real test.

In addition, I am providing you, the latest audio text exam transcription of gotranscript. A sample of past examination.

From the sample below you will get the idea. Please, don’t copy-paste this answer if it comes again in the examination.

Do your own research and this is only for the guideline. 

Speaker: Hello, everyone. Today I woke up at 3:00 AM. You would ask me, “Do you have insomnia?” My answer would be like, no, not at all. Yesterday, I went to bed at 9:AM. and that’s why I woke up so early today.

The world is my desire. I feel that I’m on fire, that lyrics are quite strong. Do you know what song it is? The actual song is called On Fire by THE ROOP. A Lithuanian band which would have represented Lithuania in the Eurovision song contest if it had not been canceled. What I am going to talk about today? You would be alike, no more Eurovision related things, please. All right, I hear you. I want to talk about geography and traveling for now.

I asked my friend once, hay, [unintelligible 00:01:31] “Do you know how many countries are in Europe?” He was like of course [unintelligible 00:01:35] there are 44 countries according to the United Nations. Yes, that is correct. How many countries are there in the world? There are 195 countries in total.

Have you ever been Papua New Guinea Michael of Fiji? I am yet to visit any of these countries. However, the very first country from this list that I am going to visit is for sure Fiji. Many people go to the capital city of Suva, which is also the biggest city in Fiji. There are two major islands Viti Levu and Vanua Levu. There are many inhabited[unintelligible 00:02:29] of the country. And[inaudible 00:02:30] and Island of Mamanuca group, just one of them. There are three main languages spoken in the Republic of the Fiji islands: English, Hindi, and Fijian.

Major banks are BRED Bank Fiji limited. BSP, Wells Fargo Bank, HSBC Bank, Bank of Baroda, and many others because of this Fijian dollar FJD and the symbol for this FJ$.In general working in Fiji is laid back. There are a lot of work between their workers and all the companies that are based in the Pacific. A lot of work relationships are built through networking.

There are quite a few social platforms specifically built for networking, for instance, Linkedin, International Expert Everywhere and Expert Everywhere is a YouTube channel made specifically to talk about expert life and work opportunities abroad. However, I have just Googled it by external seems it has presents all not only on YouTube but Instagram as well. There are– many countries on the list give you advice and all the essential information before you moved on.

Sadly, Latin American Countries are not on that list yet. Therefore, I have to look up for this information aspect. What countries would you like to visit in Latin America? My mommy asked me once.

Well, we have got many Colombia, Europe, Guyana, Argentia. I want to visit Machu Picchu and Miraflores Lima. I want to go to Patagonia and Medellin as well as Easter Island. Believe it or not, there are more than 7000 inhabitants in Easter Island, which is the special territory of Chile famous for 1000 monumental statues, called moai, and these statues were created by Rapa Nui people. Inhabitants of Easter Island began with Spanish.

dashboard-gotranscript How To Pass Gotranscript Test 2022 Learn Everything About

In the above text from the audio test one of the past audio tests from the

The latest method of how to pass gotranscript test

In this video, you can watch a simple way regarding how to pass Gotranscript audio test.

Here you can find a more interesting topic to read For work from home.

Are you still unclear about Gotranscript and its processing?  Hopefully, you have got the ideas regarding how to pass Gotranscript test answers by reading this post, and what is the transcript and how it works in detail.


We have discussed how to pass GoTranscript test 2020 and how to pass go transcript test guidelines in 2020.

Do you work with go transcript as a transcriber? or are you looking for other transcriptionist websites work from home? did you use any trick to pass go transcript audio test? 

Did this post help you for knowing all about Goranscript and how to pass Gotranscript test in 2021 in an easy method?

Please leave your comment below.  

I would like to hear from you. 

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  1. I want to work for GoTranscript but still confused about the audio test.
    I have watched the above YouTube video, and in it I see sentences being separated by line skip yet the speech is from one speaker.
    Does the line skip represent a paragraph? Am I supposed to paragraph the speaker’s long speech into paragraphs like the rules say ” break down long sentences into smaller paragraphs”?

    1. You can Retake an exam again after few days. But, passing audio is hard in gotranscript, try another platform if your English is good.

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