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When is my birthday Google? Happy Birthday From Google

When is my birthday Google? Are you curious about to know what Google doodle for today does? From the past few years since 2010, It has given us to wonderful option to celebrate a birthday.

And, also we also can see it has to celebrate popular people’s birthday on their front page to honor them. But, Suddenly it celebrated mine too It was so exciting to get a happy birthday from google so maybe you are also searching to know When is my birthday Google.

Happy Birthday From Google

It is a special feature on the goggle that is provided to us. Maybe you have noticed Go-ogle has celebrated its birthday too. It amazed me from Happy Birthday From Google

happy-birthday-google When is my birthday Google? Happy Birthday From Google

My Birthday Google Doodle

Let me share with my joy to you all. Yesterday, I had opened my laptop and was searching for something and it was showing some candle lights on the Google logo (Google Doodle). I was wondering, what is on my birthday google doodle.

After that, I hover over to that doodle or image.  Surprisingly, it was my birthday doodle. Wow, I was surprised and, I felt that I am an especial one.

Here, I am sharing with you that magical logo appears when I was doing something, and it gave me a big surprise to me.

google-birthday-1200x675 When is my birthday Google? Happy Birthday From Google
My Birthday Google Doodle

How do I get my birthday doodle on Google?

  1. Go to the homepage of the search engine you will find the logo looks like a birthday celebration.
  2. When I was hovering over the mouse the text [Happy birthday (name)] showed on there.
  3. And after that, if you click on that link that will show all the important person’s birthday on that day. And, important history of that date. So, you will be acknowledged. Hence, you can sharpen your mind too.

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What is Google Doodle today?

What is Google Doodle today? A Google doodle is one of the products of Google that appears on the homepage, it is a logo that temporarily shows on special occasions instead of Google permanent logo on the Google homepage.

Furthermore, when we go for the search on the search engine on the Google homepage. We can see logos or Google Doodle on image or GIF animation form. Time to time Google makes it more attractive, more informative and more interesting.

Google doodle was started the first time in honor of the Burning Man festival of 1998.

googles-18th-birthday-5661535679545344-hp2x When is my birthday Google? Happy Birthday From Google

How Does Google Know My birthday?

How Does Google Know My birthday? If you wonder how goggle finds out about your DOB.  It is pretty simple to know about your birthdate to Google.

To be honest, Google shows the result of a day based on the profile data of your profile. And let you know that Google only shows when you logged in.

It has started showing the Google Birthday Doodles in 2010 for all users that are logged in. there has been a different version of the Google birthday doodles.

Google doodles here you can see what Google has celebrated in the past.

That’s how wished me on my birthday google doodle, are you also want to get this happy moment?

If so, don’t forget to log in to your Gmail or account and go to the homepage, you will see the surprise on your birthday. So don’t miss this lovely opportunity to log in and visit Google for that.

Do you like to hide birthday doodle?

So, are you not happy with the birthday doodle? Or don’t want to celebrate it for some reason. If so, there is a simple option, you don’t log that day via your Gmail, because google knows your DOB through your profile. Don’t log in that day that’s it.

Happy Birthday Google 

Google has started to doodle every year in the month of September. 

Last year Google celebrated its birthday with letter-shaped balloons attached with a gift box. Tapping plays YT Videos that animated popular search from around the world.

It’s birthday also coming on September 27th, hope it will give an amazing logo on that day. Let’s wait what will come on the way.

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