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If you are an app developer or app owner and thinking to publish your app and curious, about How to use Google AdMob? How we can use it and get success in the app market, so you are in the right place. I will guide you all about How to use Google AdMob? Make money with AdMob through this post. or earn money from google admob


People are curious to know how we can make money using Admob, how do I get paid from AdMob? what is Admob revenue, all the kind of questions arise in minds? So, here I will describe all the things about how to use Google AdMob.

how to use google Admob

What is Google Admob? And Earn Money From Google Admob


Let’s first talk about what is Google AdMob? and It can be useful for you to earn money with it. AdMob is a product of Google for showing an advertisement on your mobile apps.

Ads on Mobile app = AdMob is a product of Google it’s an advertisement on mobile. So, in simple terms, it is an ad network like Adsense of Google which can use in a mobile app. Hence, Google AdMob is a product of Google itself, which allows advertisements on mobile apps.

Ma be you know about Google Adsense. This is also a product of google like Adsense but here ads on mobile. By using Admob apps owner or app publisher can earn money through Gooogle AdMob.


To show ads on blogs or websites we need to have Adsense like that; AdMob gives you permission to show ads on your mobile apps, such as android, IOS, windows so on.

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Admob is all the google advertising solution for in-AAP for your mobile phone. It means you can earn with your mobile apps. And, if you want to do that – Google Admob is the best solution for running ads on your apps. so it is a perfect product to run ads on your apps.

So how AdMob is a solution to a run advertise on your mobile apps and it can make money.

How To Make Money With Google Admob Ads?


How many apps on your smartphone? Of course, more than 20 apps are using on your mobile, isn’t it? And many times when you run some apps, you have noticed there are ads running in the app. Many people are searching for how to make money with AdMob by making mobile apps.

When do you like to click on ads to know more? If advertising is interesting and eye-catching; looking for something related to what was searching for, you will definitely click on ads, right?

It means if ads are coming relevant to what users looking for then ads get tend to click by the user. Basically, to earn money from apps ads should be relevant so the user will click and the publisher or apps owner gets money from it.

So to give you one short example, if I am browsing through a travel application, and I want to book a ticket from Kathmandu to Kolkata for example.

I do check the fares there, check the date, timing, and all that. But I decided not to buy it for some reason. After that, I moved on to the gaming application.

Make Money With Mobile Apps


When I was playing Game and I see some advertisements from that travel app showing discounted offers from Kathmandu to Kolkota, It will definitely catch my attention.

That’s how I click on ads and go to the app and see the details again if I like to book a ticket for sure I do. If adverts are relevant to the user, the user defiantly does visit them.

So, when I click on it as an app publisher you will earn money from it. And what is a benefit for an advertiser? Here, the advertiser also gains the client through advertising using what showing on the apps. Like that both parties gain profit.

So now you understood how and when to make money with mobile apps. Let’s move on about how to get started with a way to succeed with AdMob revenue to earn money from Google AdMob.

How to start Google AdMob signup


Maybe you are thinking Google Admob is like AdSense for that we need to wait a long to approval. But, that is not true in Admob, you can get instant ads code for your application. This is a very simple step to create an Admob account.

For that, you only need to have a Gmail account. If you already don’t own a Gmail account, create one new Gmail id and go to After that, create an account for AdMob. That’s it, it’s so simple.

Oh yes, your age should be above 18 for using the AdMob service. After reaching $ 10 you will get one Pincode which will send by google Admob to your address for verification.

First of all, it is very easy to make an Admob Account with a simple Admob signup process and you can Admob login for that


So, here are simple steps

Step 1: Click on sign up with your Google Account by visiting the Admob official page. You will get two options there one with your existing Google account. Or, you can create a new Google account for Admob.

Step 2: Click on the signup button.

Step 3: Complete the details of your payee name and street address and so on. And create a new AdSense and Google Ads account.

Step 4: Now choose your desired currency like US dollar Indian rupees or pound sterling etc.

Step 6: Choose your time zone according to your country, you should agree with the term and conditions, with the AdMob policy.

Step 7: Now click on create Admob Account button.

This is how you can create an Admob Account by AdMob Signup and you can AdMob login.

So, you have created your Admob account so what is next?

After creating an AdMob account, you need to integrate your AdMob ads unit to your real app, for monetizing to earn money.

But, let’s focus on the monetization side of it. So if you are an app developer you need to figure out you are going to money out of it. You need certain monetization options.

Now follow these steps to making apps with Admob login for monetizing your apps.

Step 1: Login by visiting the AdMob home page website and it will show the Admob dashboard

Step 2: After logging in click on the right side of the left corner. You will see the HOME button below that you see Apps click on that

Step 3: So, click on the Add app button to create a new app

Step 4: And, now enter your App Name then add it

Step 5: Now you see your app on the dashboard now choose ad unit by clicking on Ad units on the left side below the app overview.

Step 6: After that, click on ADD AD UNIT

Step 7: Choose an option or format of ad units such as banner, interstitial and rewarded ads, and native ads.

Now you should copy and implement the ad unit ids to your app. After all the processes your app is now ready to publish on the google play store or app store. So, after that, the user will download the app.

when using apps there will show ads and you get impressions and click from that you get the revenue earning from the app.

So above you now understand what is google Admob? how to creat Admob account, and create AdMob ad unit and integrate into the real app and how we generate revenue from the mobile app using AdMob by google.

4 ways of app monetization on your mobile apps.


  1. Paid ways (Premium)
  2. Freemium model
  3. In-App Purchases
  4. In-App Advertising

There are four methods or models of app monetization.

The first way or model is Premium


In this model, people should pay money to use your app or pay before download your app for use.

Let’s give you an example of a paid model app a fitness app for example. why the user will pay for it because it will be useful in a cheap way for learning.

But your app should be very good UX, UI, and best features so that it can be worth to get buyers.

The second way of app monetization is a freemium model.


This model is more reliable and more popular in any app store.

So how the freemium model works? let’s assume any game which has got a level system. So, creat the first 15-20 models is totally free. Till then the user is already known to the app and he knows why and for what he is going to pay.

If you have an engaging and exciting app user for sure love to pay for accessing the more levels. Because the user already enjoying it and loving it so that’s how it works.

The third method of app monetization is In-App Purchases.


In-App purchases model, you can make sales of virtual goods, or can combine them with other options. There huge apps on the market that are doing good on this way of app monetization.

I am giving one example of this kind of app that is Starmaker. Many people are addicted to singing or using this app.

Starmaker offers users to give gifts or reward to the singer virtually for that he/she buys coins or gifts and gives to the favorite singers. in this way, you can make an awesome app with lots of additional features where users like to buy it.

The most popular method is In-App Advertising


In-app Advertising model is a freemium app, where the user gets an app for free but you monetize your app with ads. so that AdMob comes here to give you the benefits of your mobile apps.

This is the most common, versatile, and most popular method to use. The user gets the app for free but in between user gets the ads. too.

But ads shouldn’t make users irritate and ads will show for relevant. Better user-engaging apps can make more revenue from the apps and this is how apps publishers earn money from Google AdMob.

What is Google Admob Frequently asked questions {FAQs}


Let’s discuss mostly asked questions about what is google AdMob. Here we will discuss the commonly asked questions about what is google by AdMob and how to use it for earning money.

1. How does Google AdMob work?


Google by Admob simply works in mobile apps for that you need to create an AdMob account and after that make an app id from google AdMob and simply put code into your created apps and publish it on any app store. From doing this you get revenue from the ads showing on your app. If someone clicks on the app relevantly you get paid by AdMob.


2. What is AdMob and how do you use it?


That is already got answer above but in short, AdMob is a cool product of google for showing ads on your mobile app. For using it simply creat an ad unit through an Admob account. And place that code on your mobile apps.

3. How do I get paid from AdMob?


Admob pays on a monthly basis around on 21st of every month. For getting a payment you need to reach the minimum payment threshold like google Adsense that is 100 USD.

Before that, you should provide your address the right way so payment can reach you. Furthermore, you need to verify your pin when your Admob income rich 10 USD.

Admob pays with a variety of payment modes. Such as checks, wire transfer, western union Quick Cash transfer or bank transfer.


4. What is the difference between AdSense and AdMob?


Admob is for showing ads on the mobile network for this you need to create mobile apps. This is also a product of Google, whereas, Adsense shows the ads on your blog or website for that need to have content on your website/ blog.




So in this post, you have learned all the steps about what is Google Admob and how it works, and how we can earn money with mobile apps or earn money from Google AdMob. Also, you got knowledge about ways of app monetization and how to gain success with it.

I hope you liked the article at the end, please do share it with your friends. And, if you have any questions or queries regarding google by AdMob please do comment below.


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