Easy Way To Get Ntc Data Pack @Cheap Price in 2019

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Nepal telecom has been introducing as ntc data pack since recent years to their valued costumer; recently people are more engaged with ntc data pack of Nepal Telecom. And it’s being popular among the youth. I should use it for various reasons when I am out of Wi-Fi, or I am out of my home, it is necessity to have data in the road or anywhere where we are out of Wi-Fi coverage.


How to get ntc data pack all the process below

To get data pack go to the phone and Dial *1415# on your phone dialer and PRESS the “call button” after that follow the more steps for which data you need for your requirement. Choose from the list of data pack with the numbers such as 1,2,3.. Choose and reply for each package after doing that you will get activating message and your data pack name duration of use and expire date etc.

ntc data pack

There are some varieties offers of ntc data pack

 1.  Summer

2. Social Media

3. Night data unlimited

4) Voice

6) 1GB per day


8) One hour Unlimited


  1. NightData
  2. Social Media
  3. Streaming Pack
  4. Voice (NT-NT Only)
  5. 1GB/Day
  6. Night Voice (NT-NT only)
  7. SMS


Now let’s go inside the All Time Data

  1. 28MB @Rs12-1Day
  2. 100MB@Rs25-Day
  3. 90MB@Rs30-3Day
  4. 250MB@Rs60
  5. 500MB@Rs100-7Day
  6. 1500MB@Rs240-28Day
  7. 4500MB@500-28Day
  8. 12GBRs990-42Day


And now inside the NightData

Night pack (11pm-6am)

There are three options can be seen there

  1. 125mb@Rs9-1Day
  2. 5000MB@Rs250-28Day
  3. Unlimited

This is the my best choice for surfing internet at night in cheap price and many like it too.

Night data unlimited pack during time 11pm to 6 am

  1. 7Night@Rs85
  2. 1Night@Rs15

This is the most popular one night data pack when someone wanting to use data pack in cheap price.

Social Media

Under this category you can use social media like Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, Twitter so on


  1. 36MB @Rs6 for 1 Day
  2. 190MB @Rs30 for 3 Day
  3. 400MB @Rs60 for 7 Day


Streaming data pack

On this pack you can watch videos such as YouTube Videos or any other streaming website.

  1. 150MB @ Rs12 for aDay
  2. 400MB@Rs30 for 30Day
  3. 900Mb@Rs60 for 7Day

Voice NT to NT Only

By using this ntc data pack you can call another Nepal telecom user for cheaper price.

  1. 14Min@Rs12 for 1Day
  2. 40Min@Rs25 for 7Day
  3. 40Min@Rs30 for 3Day
  4. 75Min @ Rs 60 for 7 Day
  5. 190Min @ Rs 100 for 7 Day
  6. 490 Min @Rs 240 for 28 Day
  7. 1100 Min @ Rs 500 for 42 Day

1GB Per Day

As a data name 1GB/Day can know we can use this 1GB data per day we get with 20 min streaming for YouTube


There are 3 Options

  1. 1GB @ Rs 45
  2. 7 GB @ Rs 250
  3. 28 GB @ Rs 850


Night voice (NT-NT Only)

You can get night voice pack with Nepal Telecom Network only time frame between (10 Pm to 6am)

  1. 40 Min @ Rs 6 for 1 Day
  2. 170 Min @ Rs 15 for 3 Day
  3. 340 Min @ Rs 30 for 7 Day
  4. Unlimited Voice @ Rs 12 for 1 Day



  1. 20 SMS @ Rs 5 for 1 Day
  2. 70 SMS @ Rs 15 for 7 Day
  3. 300 SMS @ Rs 60 for 28 Day
Furthermore , Nepal Telecom has prodivng cheap price for india and china call and also we can get Roaming activing service when we go abroad.



  1. India /China Call Pack
  2. Roaming Service


India call

  1. 15 MIN @ Rs 35 for 1 Day
  2. 65 Min @Rs 150 for 7 Day
  3. 215 Min @ Rs 500 for 30 Day

China Call Pack

  1. 10 Min @ Rs 35 for 1 Day
  2. 45 Min @ Rs 150 for 7 Day
  3. 165 Min @ RS 500 for 30 Day




  1. Activation
  2. Deactivation


One Hour Unlimited  Pack with Data+Voice+SMS @ Rs 20


With this offer pack can use service for 70 Min unlimited voice call + unlimited SMS and mobile data for 1 hour without any problem.

Day Pack offer Options


  1. 90 min voice call @ Rs 9 (5 am -5 pm)
  2. 65MB @Rs 9- (6am -6Pm)

Read This for call only in 70 paisa per Min.

For volume Query

How to check how much data or voice remaing in your ntc network

*1415# and follow the number

Or direct *1415*5#

And press call button it’s easy

Or second option is that you send sms by typing this code VL and send it to 1415.

These all are ntc data pack for the data, voice, SMS with including international service offer for Summer 2026/2019 and Offer can be change or NTC trying to provide more easy options time to time.


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