how to root bluestack 4 2019

How To Root Bluestacks 4 bstweaker 2019

Today I will cover on this post about how to root bluestarcks bstweaker. Android device is most liked by people all over the world and it is based on Linux OS. Somehow people want to use android on PC too, for that blue stacks emulator is the bridge for that Root Bluestacks 4 bstweaker,bluestacks 4 root 2019

It is mostly used from the starting. There are two popular methods going to give details for rooting your device.

It gives a chance to use apps on the PC or Mack in an easy way.

root bluestacks 4 2019


First Method:-

How to Root Bluestacks 4 bstweaker?

Steps to Bluestacks 2,3,4 latest version

BSTweaker tools from XDA senior member Here. It is an advanced tool for rooting blue stacks emulator. We can change all the details of an android devices such as IMEI Number, Device id so on.


  A. You should download BlueStacks Tweaker 5.14.3

 From this Link

B. You need to have Bluestacks in your PC Download form Official Blustacks.


Step by step Process After downloading the above tools and emulator


Step 1:

Now lunch your BSTweaker. You need to give administer permission to do so.

Step 2:

See the Dashboard there is Main tab showing in the screenshot below, after that click on the Force Kill BS. And wait for getting red BlueStack turn red.


  1. how to root bluestacks



Step 3: Then go to the Helper You find the tab about Root for BlueStacks.

bstweaker  root bluestacks


Step 4:When you reach there, click on Unlock

Step 5: After that, you should go back and click on Start BS.

Step 6:When BlueStacks stared, go to the Helper You find the tab about Root for BlueStacks. Now click o Patch.



Hooray! Now your bluestacks is fully rooted-root BlueStacks 4 bstweaker



Here you want to check your device rooted or not for that, You need to have a Root Checker App for that so click on this link install it in your BS emulator

Again now open root checker app and tab on VERIFY ROOT ACCESS button. And this app will check and ask for permission, grant all the permissions. You will get your result.


Note: If you do not see the grant option that means your device is not rooted. For that, you should download offline direct from here

bluestacks 4 root 2019

How to download and install blustacks offline installer in windows 2019


  • Click on the link above
  • And do the next process of how other software works and click start to installation.
  • Choose the folder where you want to install it.
  • After all the setup now you are ready to use blue stacks on your PC.
  • Now you can download your favorite androids apps and enjoy. Apps running in PC.

Second Method:-

How to root bluestacks 4 with Kingroot?


King Root is an easy and free powerful tool for nontech people, they can root super-easy way without having technical knowledge.  It will root your device with one click. It is the popular alternative of SuperSu.

First of all, you turn on your Internet because it’s an online tool so you need to have data on.

Follow the 6 easy steps to root your device with king root.

Step 1:- Download the King Root APK from the link

Step 2:- And now open the application

Step 3: If your device is not rooted you will get the error message:

The device is not rooted or “Root Status Error”: Fix

  • Now click on the fix button
  • Wait for some time
  • At last restart your emulator

Finally, your device should be rooted.

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What can you do with a rooted phone?


  • Save your battery life and speed
  • Installing custom ROMs
  • Remove PRE installed OEM (manufactures) Apps
  • Ad-block
  • Installing Incompatible apps
  • For more tweaking
  • Access to root files


Can you root BlueStacks 4?

Of course, you can root bluestacks 4 or and all the old bluestacs versions with the help of bstweaker.

Can I root BlueStacks?

Yes almost you can do all the versions of BlueStacks

How do I give root access to BlueStacks?

After installing the Bluestacks Application on the computer, go to the download folder and then go to the root file folder for the BlueStacks application now. You will see three files over there. For most, you need to close the bluestacks application from accessing the internet, right-click on it and run as an administrator. You will get a window opened and click on the stop the application. After this process, go and open the BlueStacks application. And open the root files on the downloaded folder. run it and give permission.

For more details see the below video.


How safe is BlueStacks?

Yes, it is safe to use. Bluestacks is not a virus or anything it is an emulator to run Android apps and games on your Pc. It is risk-free to use and it is safe to use.

So, users can use it worry-freely. In a simple term, it is a virtual android device on the computer This is a popular method to run apps on the computer or play the favorite game.

Is NOX rooted?

Nox is unrooted by default. Although, it can be rooted in the NOX System Settings.

  • Settings
  • General
  • Root
  • Save
  • Now restart the device
  • Root mode will give you a grant of a superuser role in NOX.

What can I do with rooted BluStacks?

Mainly, Rooting Bluestaks gives you numerous advantages such as using advanced functionalities and can install applications. where we need to have permission.

Also, we can also do with Rooting BlueStacks 4 that is can install custom ROM and give the root permit.

What are the disadvantages of BlueStacks?

In my view, one of the disadvantages of blue stacks is that it consumes a big Ram Space so it increases CPU uses. You need to have a good graphic card for installing BlueStacks. The system can be slow due to the heavy use of Ram and CPU uses.


Which is your favorite method for rooting your android device?

King Roots Methods Or root for Bluestacks 4 BSTWEAKER?

Any question about how to root blustacks 4 with bs tweaker?

bluestacks 4 root 2019


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