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Top 5 Best Online Earning Ways in 2019

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Everyone is dreaming about how to earn money online. There are lots of popular methods or ways to do things regarding earning online. Here, the top 5 methods are given today. Many people are doing this and making money good enough.

So let’s start it without further ado.

Top1#. Youtube

Youtube is the most top for earning money more than 60% of people do watch YouTube videos every day. This the one of the time pass people use for knowledge and to enjoy their free time. If you have anything that you can show your talent to the world so let’s start to make videos and upload it to in YouTube. Let’s say for example someone is good at cooking, without hesitation can post videos it’s Easy to go and easy to make YouTube videos! And be creative and post your original videos don’t copy others material. If your views getting views you can get monetization on your channels via Google Adsense because of that you can earn good money.

Top2#. Blogging

This is the most powerful, positive and second popular methods for earning online. There are lots of blogs and bloggers all over the Internet. Some are giving a wonderful job. They are getting lots of views and people loving it because they are putting a bunch of information there so anyone can get benefits from their blogs. You can start with your favorite topics. You can create a free blog using google service that is or you can buy a domain and use the WordPress for that you need to have your own hosting too. Post some 20-30 post and apply for Google Adsense, and get approval from it. If you get approval, Google put ads on your blog and you can earn money.

Top3#. Applications

Recently apps are using in smart phone. If you know how to make applications if not learn to make apps than publish your app to the play store or AppStore with intergrayed with admob . Admob is a advertinsg network for mobile provided by google. There are more adsnetworks such as favebook ads, amazon ads, applovin, startapp and appnext etc. Admob is a king network here google pays very nice.

4#. E-commerce (Online selling)

These days we buy lots of product via mobile or website. Anything you getting in mind to sell products or services in your choice. People are generating good money by doing it. And if you don’t have any product don’t worry can start affiliate marketing without any investment. In India, there are lots of online websites they offering products to sell. Such as Amazon, Meshoo, shop101, etc. you can open your own store and choose demanding products and sell them. By doing it you get your commission into your bank account.

Top5#. Freelancing

If you have any skill such as writing, Website designing, apps designing. You can make a profile on a freelancing website and sell your skill there. People are earning huge money from freelancing. You can visit most popular sites UpWork, elance, PeoplePerhour, Fiverr so on.

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