WordPress on localhost local by flywheel

How to Install WordPress on Localhost with flywheel Local by Flywheel


WordPress on Localhost with flywheel Local by Flywheel? 

WordPress on Localhost with flywheel ? 

Are you into a WordPress Development? Or want to know an easy way to install WordPress on localhost on computer in a super easy way WordPress on Localhost with flywheel Local by Flywheel? 

So, read it in a super easy way how we can use it.

Today I am going to share a tutorial about this.

There are other easy methods for installing WordPress on Localhost and start to edit or make a website. But I thought this is the best method, I ever found on the Internet.

So, let’s get started!

What is Local host?

Local host refers to computer networking that host name “this computer”.

Why we need Local host?

We need to run web pages so local host uses to show web pages on our local computer machine. If you are a programmer and you want to display a web page on your computer you can use local host.

Most people use WAMP, XAMPP or MAMP today I am going to tell you the easiest way. 

What is flywheel local?

It is hassle free tool for developing website on local like XAMPP or MAMP where we can run PHP MySQL web server on local base on your computer laptop and also we can run it both mac and windows. We can develop website, and we can move it easily to the server.

So let’s start to main point

How do I install WordPress locally?

WordPress on localhost local by flywheel

First of all, you need to search on Google typing “Local by Flywheel” or download from here  ,after opening it, click on Download button like other software.

It takes a couple of minute to download the latest version is around 600 MB. Thus, you need to have that much space on your Personal Computer. After finishing Download, install it like other software.

After installing choose your options whether mac or windows. I have chosen windows and it’s the same for the mac too, as a result, It is cross-platform. After that, fill your data such as name email address and so on. Now click on Get It Now green button at the end. WordPress on Local Computer

Now it takes more time to set up everything like virtual box and host machine and setup environment, It can take up more time depends on your Internet Speed. I have a moderate Internet speed so it took less than 30 minute. It can vary for you.

You can see the simple interface of that when you are opening it for the first time, now click on “Create A New site” button and go and give a name of your site name on the box. After doing that, click on  continue button. You can see the details below but, I prefer to leave as it is and click on continue button.

And, you can see two buttons preferred and custom, you can leave as a preferred but I have chosen custom and choose an Apache server. Give an admin id password for WordPress admin panel or dashboard, and give an email address of yours or leave as that default email. It will download needy things.

Site is ready, you can visit the login button and start to dig on the Dashboard of the WordPress admin panel.

#Flywheel WordPress

See, it’s super easy to install and work on your site, development, modification and whatever you like to do. Enjoy with Flywheel WordPress.

And the best part is that you can share your link to show your work to the client or friends to get the feedback no need to upload it to any server, Local By Flywheel has provided that service too. Such an amazing all in one tool, I have ever used. I highly recommend download it and test it and work on it, share it with your friends.

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